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Skinned in Kenya, Sold in London for Millions

Mildred Parker, who rears crocodiles in Malindi, takes about two years to turn the exotic skins into luxury bags that fetch about Sh5 million a piece. ‘‘A ruby {the reddish color} handbag costs Sh5.1 million while the other colors sell for Sh4.3 million each,’’ she

Top Ivory Investigator Murdered in Kenya

The 4th of February 2018 will forever remain a sad day in memory. This is the day the conservation world lost one of its most prolific and dedicated investigators, Esmond Bradley Martin, whose groundbreaking investigations helped the fight against elephant poaching. Esmond, 75, died after

Hong Kong Approves Ban on Local Ivory Trading by 2021

Hong Kong lawmakers gave final approval on Wednesday to a government proposal banning local ivory trading in the Chinese territory by 2021, with conservation groups hailing it as a major victory in the fight to save elephants. Lawmakers overwhelmingly supported the measure, voting 49-4 to

China Bans Ivory Sales

A ban on ivory sales in China, the world’s largest importer and end user of elephant tusks, took effect on Sunday with wildlife activists calling it a vital step to reducing the slaughter of the endangered animals. China has made a big push to eradicate

Rare Antelopes Give Birth to Four Calves

Global efforts towards the survival of a critically endangered antelope, have received a boost following four births at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy in recent weeks. This has renewed hope for the survival of the rare Mountain Bongo Antelope, whose population of about 100 in

John Hume’s Rhino Horn Auction is Going Ahead

…but there are conditions. An auction of rhino horns from the stockpiles of the world’s biggest private breeder will go ahead on Monday after a South African court ordered that the government release permits for them, although Minister of Environmental Affairs Edna Molewa has imposed